Sunday, February 14, 2010

A Love Written in the Stars

by womball
Each time I'm with you- it still isn't enough.
Each hug we share, each time we kiss,
My love for you is not fully expressed...
it can't be.
I love you beyond your face,
Beyond your smile, beyond you body.
I love everything about you,
I love your heart.

This love I feel inside
Is like no other I have ever felt before.
This one is so special, so magical.
Each time I look at you
I see a handsome face with a gorgeous heart.
The longer I look at you,
The more I know I am loved.
Each gentle kiss drives me crazy,
Each hug makes me want to cry-
Because I know what we have is so precious,
And I am so blessed to have you to hold.

I love you more than words,
More than there are stars in the sky.
But as long as Pegasus flies in the night sky
And as long as Orion stands
proud above the world,
I will love you.